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The purpose behind the exercises and yoga moves are to weight reduction and to be in perfect shape. A question that often pops up in one’s mind is that Does Yoga burn calories?. It is totally natural to concern about it.


Benefits of Yoga – Reasons why yoga is practiced so widely?

Yoga has immense benefits, it doesn’t just give your body the desired shape, or lose your weight but it also works on your emotional patterns. It reduces your stress level and makes you feel fresh, light and calm. The yoga moves and poses burn the calories, strengthen your muscles and create elasticity in your body. It is undoubtedly an excellent and effective tool for staying fit.


Can it be figured out that Yoga burns down calories?

Well answer to this is yes it can be figured out, Yoga definitely scorches your calories because it is an incredible workout for your whole body. There are many minds of yoga and each type has its own amount of intensity and efficacy.


On which factors the disburse of calories depends?

The disburse of calories bank upon two things, body weight, and your workout duration. For instance, if someone’s weight is 125 pounds then he or she will likely to burn 120 calories. Then comes the duration if your duration of doing yoga will be for 60 minutes then it means the number of calories that are going to be disbursed will be double.


What causes Yoga to burn down Fat?

There are certain moves of yoga that tend to engage and involve your larger muscles in warrior pose, chair pose the sitting position and yoga squats intensify the demand on your bigger muscles and this eventually burns down the calories.

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There are many kinds of Yoga and each kind promises to burn a certain number of calories. Now look at each kind of Yoga and see how many calories it tends to melt down.


Kinds of Yoga and their features:

1. Hatha Yoga

It is said to be the most original type of Yoga that helps you to burn 189 calories. It can be said that Hatha Yoga is a broader term or root word for the yoga.

Key features of Hatha yoga

  • It prepares your body for typical yoga postures
  • It is simple
  • It is handy and easy to grasp
  • It teaches you how to balance your poses
  • It can burn down 189 calories


2. Power Yoga 

Power yoga is a combo of movements and breathing, these two things are combined together in order to have a series of stances and postures.

Key features of Power Yoga

  • It is meditative
  • It is cardiovascular
  • It purifies your body by taming your inner aggression
  • It creates flexibility in your body and makes you feel lighter and stress-free
  • It tends to burn your 351 calories


3. Bikram Yoga

It is also called a ‘Hot Yoga’, this type of yoga is done in a room that has to be heated to almost 105 degrees. The duration for it has to be for ninety minutes. In this form of yoga, your body toils hard to cool down itself.

Key features of Bikram Yoga 

  • There is no engagement of working of muscles deeply
  • It tends to melt down 477 calories
  • It is handy to do


4. Flow Yoga

The second name of Flow Yoga is Vinyasa Yoga, in its postures constant movement is involved. As the name signifies it has a flow of movements in which stretching is also involved.

Key features of Flow yoga

  • It makes your body practice the poses smoothly
  • It strengthens your muscles to perform the moves together efficiently
  • It promises to burn the calories immensely, it can burn down 594 calories.

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Weight loss can be made possible only when the intake of calories will be little and calories can be burnt down by enhancing your moves by doing Yoga postures + increase the duration periodically. The more vigorous moment you will perform the speedier it will burn down the calories. So that sums up pretty well that does yoga burn calories? Yes! it does, one thing you need to take into your account is to also keep tabs on the intake of your food, you have to cut down your and decrease your intake of food too, then take yoga moves side by side.

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