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How to lose weight after 50? Weight loss turns out to be a great challenge as you age periodically, it’s because your metabolism starts functioning slow. Your body attunes to get plum easily. You don’t realize that you can’t continue the same eating habits that you have when you were of 30. Being a 50 years old person, you must keep a check on how much you are eating, what you are eating and when you are eating. How much time you are spending on workouts, all these questions are of vital importance.


Why it is important to lose weight after 50?

The answer to this is because you need a healthy life to live, by gaining weight your body will get sluggish and whole of your works will not be done by you in a desired way. Aging doesn’t mean to turn your body into a feeble useless plum. Rather you need to keep it moving by fueling it with balanced diet, workouts and by leaving all junk food. By doing so you will be able to stay longer with a sound health.


1. Makeup your mind

Metabolism gets passive when aging starts, there are more than one changes that occur in your body. Weight loss is also amongst them, your body prones to get beefy more easily after the age of 50. So for starting the expedition of losing belly weight after 50 your first threshold to pass is the cultivation of your mind towards the acceptance of this change in your body and then to muster up your courage to cope up all this in a best possible way.

There is always a way out no matter what the problem is, similarly you can deal it out by taking balanced diet, some amazing workouts and by following healthy routine.


2. Consume little

You have to be mature enough to not to gulp down the food and meal excessively. By eating a lot, you are being cruel to your body and cutting down the days of your life speedily. For enjoying a healthy and sound life you must eat moderately. Whatever you are going to nosh on take it a reasonable quantity.


3. Make sure your breakfast contains fiber, protein and “good” fat

Though it will be wise to have every meal based on fiber, protein but it is highly preferred to have your breakfast consisted on these. By doing so you will enable to boost up your metabolism and a fast metabolism can burn down the calories and help you lose belly weight. So, start taking your diet that consists of whole foods, take fiber fruits and vegetables and keep your weight under control.


4. Lift-up heavy weight

You need to perform weight-bearing workouts, this will help you in building up muscle mass. It strengthens your bones and you will end up feeling very energetic after some days. If is a preferred way for losing weight after 50 for men. If by lifting weighs you feel pain in your joints then you must seek an advice from a medic or health professional he/she will guide you in this regard.


5. Strain and strain harder periodically

A young person tends to have greater flexibility in his/her body. A fifty-years old person doesn’t have much flexibility on his body. You need to exercise on regular bases. Cardio has a huge significance for the health of lungs and heart.

Whether you do exercise at home or in gym, make sure besides doing cardio you also pay special attention to strength training. By the passage of time amp up the intensity of training and enjoy weight loss as a desired result.


6. Don’t miss any meal of any time

Skipping meals can be very disastrous for you, it is not as destructive for people of young age but highly destructive for the people who are old. Best diet for females over 50 is to never skip their meal which they usually do. Your body goes through on hormonal changes when you age, this also results in fat accumulation and things get worst when you skip meals as body doesn’t process sugar. So, don’t miss any of your meal if you want to keep the caloric rate down and want to lose weight.


7. An ample amount of shut-eye

Night owls should forget of losing weight as neither you can lose weight nor you can cherish good health. There are two hormones that got to release while you sleep, ghrelin and leptin, these two hormones are responsible for appetite regulation. Insufficient of hours disturbs the whole process. So, take 7-8 hours of sleep regularly in order to enjoy a healthy physique with a moderate weight.


8. Visit a physical therapist

It will be wise and safe to visit a physical therapist before started a new schedule of exercise, see your physical therapist and with his coordination make a plan of suggested exercises and stick with it. By doing so you will feel motivated and will be able to shed pounds speedily. You can also check some best weight loss apps that can help you track your health.


9. Put a lid on the madness of stress

This is one tough task, you have to control your stress. Life isn’t a bowl of cherries to anyone. Every person is having some rough edges in life. No one can ever have a perfect flawless life. We all have to fight the battles of our life with great spirit. Stress can not give you a solution of the convolutions of your life. Be your own mentor and make yourself understand the key is to strife and strife harder and the expect high. This can help you in keeping the madness of stress under control. Stress and overthinking ruins your physical and mental health.


10. Nosh on green tea: Boost Metabolism at 50

The efficacy of green tea is supreme, it regulates your weight and keeps it moderate. The mild taste of green tea keeps your body in shape and sheds of pounds. For desired results nosh on green tea 2-3 times a day.


11. Hit the hay early

By sleeping early, you will be able to wake up early and this will further smoothen the whole routine of yours. By not hitting the hay early you can go through sleep deprivation that can result in obesity. So, go to bed early if you are eager to lose weight after 50 or 55.


12. Fast off and on

Fasting tremendously improves your health, it is suggested to keep fast off and on as it triggers weight loss. You can make a timetable and fix the days for having fast on three days of a week, at the month end you will see a noticeable difference in your weight.


13. Be an early riser

Healthy routine is always a key for success in any walk of life. When you wake up late you won’t be able to get your tasks accomplish properly, you have to rush for everything. Your disgusting routine definitely effects your body. The early risers tend to perform their tasks efficiently, they can go for a morning walk, can cherish their breakfast and can do workout and in the end able to shed weight when you are old.


14. Avoid bakery items

Bakery items such as white bread, cakes and biscuits are great weight-gaining sources. Besides that, pasta and rice too turn you fat. Take them rarely as by taking them weight loss mission can be an impossible one. These processed carbs aren’t very good for health so try to avoid taking them.


15. Consume lean protein

Lean protein has to be added in your diet, by consuming lean protein you will be able to provide your body a muscle strength. The rich source of lean protein is seeds, tofu, fish, nuts, lentils, mushrooms and beans. Healthy food items are what your body really needs, its functionality will improve and you will be able to lose weight.


16. Take a walk twice in day

Walk is something that is admitted since ancient times and the significance of walk is still high and admitted widely. All you need to do is to spend 20-30 minutes for a walk, first do it in morning then do it in evening. But don’t forget to consult your doctor if your body can really afford having walk.


17. Drink 8 ounces of water daily

Its very important to keep yourself hydrated and to take a required quantity of water. Doctors and fitness experts suggest strongly to consume 8 ounces of water at any cost. It keeps the appetite level in control and you don’t feel like eating excessively.

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These tips based on dos and donts should be paid attention by you if you want to lose weight after 50 or 55 years of age. By adopting these little rules of huge importance you can do great with your body. There are many who are older yet they are so active and full of energy its because they follow a healthy diet plan and amazing workouts.

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