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When it comes on how to lose weight in 30 days then many of you misunderstand the term and think that may have to follow some idiotic crash diet so you can turn into a bag of bones with a thin flesh on it. NO, that’s not the case. Losing your weight doesn’t mean you should turn body into a feeble one. Rather it means to lose weight and stay healthy by being slim and smart. For this you need to gulp down healthy food items and have to stay away from the reckless foods and meals. By eating unhealthy food you will perish your health, by eating healthy food you will be able to cherish.

Lose Weight in 30 Days at Home

Below there is a complete guide for how to reduce your weight in 30 days, lets take a look and see how you can make it possible.

1. Water

Water intake matters a lot, make sure you take and consume 2 liters of water on daily bases. It controls your appetite too, usually you aren’t hungry but you do feel hungry, meanwhile if you will gulp down water your appetite will be vanished away soon. Water has immense benefits, the required amount of water intake purifies your body and throws out all the toxins out of it. In your 30 days weight loss plan make sure you don’t ignore this very vital tip of consuming water 8 ounces each day.

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2. Avoid taking sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners

If you are really focused and serious about getting slim in losing your weight then you must give-in taking all the sugary drinks that are the major cause of fat gaining factors. Secondly thinking about opting for artificial sweeteners won’t be a wise idea at all. For instance. if you think of taking diet coke then you might not know that this amps the appetite level and give you a feeling of Still-hungry.


3. Take protein-packed meal in salad size plate

Your meal should be protein-based no doubt but make sure you take protein-packed meal in a salad size plate. Salad size plates are mostly of 7 inches. Eat healthy but keeping in mind the required quantity. In your daily meal of 30 days weight loss plan you should take lentils, vegetables, lean meat, fruits and eggs. Fruits like mangoes and bananas shouldn’t be eaten much as they are fat gaining. Don’t eat more than one banana each day. Similarly. one egg per day, for 30 days weight loss plan you don’t need to have mutton or pork, you better take chicken and beef.


4. Do exercise 6 days in week

You can spare one day in week, rest of the 6 days of week you must spent some time for exercise. Take such exercise that can reduce your weight and increase the duration periodically along with its intensity. One of the very best thing is to add up Yoga in your everyday routine. And it is highly recommended to try Yoga Burn Challenge that has produced amazing results. Check out its review and see if it suits you or not.

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5. Make a plan on weekly bases

Pen down a plan of your weight lose for your convenience, by doing so you will be able know what to eat when, set it on weekly bases such as 2 clean meals for each day in a week. You will be enthused to stick with this plan as motivation and accepting challenges is a key factor when it comes to get slim or weight loss.


6. Mount up on weighing Scale once in a week

It is what the researches suggest that when you are especially on some weight lose plan then it will be wise to check your weight once in a week. By doing so you will get to know how much you have achieved so far and how much is yet to be done.


7. Spare 30 minutes each day for brisk walking

It has to be a must-do thing for reducing your weight in 30 days, brisk walk is immensely beneficial in this regard. You have to spare almost half an hour each day for brisk walking. Either do it in your lawn and go to a nearby park.


8. Try a bird-dog plank variation

You should perform 10 steps every day, all the variations of bird-dog plank, you can begin with plank position, after that extend your one arm and then extend your opposite leg. Change sides. It will help you lose weight but to lose weight more faster and to bring your body in shape, Try flat Belly Fix that transforms your bad fat into good ones.

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9. Purge out your kitchen and fridge

For hunting your goal of weight loss in 30 days you have to keep away all those factors that could be the hurdle for instance such food, snacks that are fat gaining but you can’t help eating them. The best solution for this is to purge out your kitchen and fridge and remove all such hurdles.


10. Avoid sitting for hours

Don’t be a couch-potato, people tend to get weight when they sit for hours either for watching tv or for being busy with their phones. Doing so wildly increases your weight. You must avoid sitting all the time, keep yourself moving, either do walk, squat but keep moving.


11. On every fourth day of the week break your previous records

Keep tabs on your activities and records, the exercises you did on weekly bases and the time you spent doing them should be beaten by you. By increasing the intensity and time you can break your own record on the every 4th day of the week.


12. Consume a single slice sandwich

If you like eating sandwiches then do one little thing, only take one slice of bread, do not cover it with one more, by eating and take a single slice sandwich you will be able to save yourself from taking hundred calories.


13. Nosh on hot chilli peppers

Chilli peppers come up with a thermogenic effect, by munching them you will be able to disburse extra calories and this will obviously break down your weight too.


14. Egg in breakfast

Don’t eat more than one egg in your 30 days of weight lose plan, it is suggested to take egg in breakfast. It will be quenching morning meal for sure.


 15. Skip a rope daily

Skipping a rope is a very healthy activity, make it your habit of skipping rope for fifteen minutes daily till the 30th day of your weight loss plan.


16. Perform Tabata style

You need to perform push-ups, squat jumps, sit-ups and burpees, do Tabata style with the interval of twenty seconds.


17. Cross the unhealthy food

Those who are serious about losing their weight must cross all the unhealthy food items such as the fried food, junk food. Don’t even think of going near to McDonalds or KFC. All such foods are prepared in low quality oil and this is really harmful for your healthy.


18. Nosh on green tea

Green tea isn’t just good for increasing your metabolism rather it also assists in reducing your weight. Green tea disburses caloric rate and controls your weight. Consume 3-4 cups of green tea daily.


19. Avoid munching during watching tv

Eating while watching your google-box can turn you into a plum. Many of you are habitual in munching up while watching tv, either popcorns, snacks or whatever. So, avoid doing so as it can make you eat aimlessly more.


20. Sip coffee before exercising

You need to sip coffee an hour before performing any 30 days exercise plan. Make sure it should be sugar-free. Remember you are on your way to lose weight in 30 days? Now to lose your weight quickly and bring yourself in a good shape, experts recommended fat burning fingerprint which is a mixture of exercises, diet and food items healthy for you.

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21. Keep the crash diet at bay

You don’t need to follow the crash diet for reducing your weight. Losing your weight doesn’t mean at all to turn yourself in a bag of bones. Rather it means to build up a strong body. So, stay away from any crash diet as you just need to lose your belly fat and to be in a good health.


22. Take your desired food once in week

Losing your fat in 30 days doesn’t mean you totally have to stay away from your desired food. You can have but just once in a week. Do not get yourself into binge-eating as it has horrible effects.


23. Your diet and dos and don’ts

Eat raw vegetables, salads and fruits. Snack time nosh on herbal tea along with a honey. Prepare your meal and food either in olive oil or in soy oil. For removing fats from milk, you need to get it boiled twice. Don’t stuff yourself with desserts immensely.


24. Sleep sound sleep enough

Yes, it can help you in losing your belly fat. Your body needs 7-8 hours of slumber daily, less than 7 hours of sleep will leave your body worn-out. Lots of repairing is done when your body rests. So, shed some extra pounds and sleep enough.

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25. Use stairs instead of elevator and escalator

Many health experts suggest to prefer stair climbing on escalator and elevator. When you are in a shopping mall you better use stairs that’s the best exercise you can do in 5 minutes. It will hardly consume your five minutes that can disburse some extra calories.


26. Try cardio

Cardio, the 30 minutes of exertion is highly beneficial for weight lose. As a beginner you can start with 5 minutes. But periodically you need to increase the time and eventually enable yourself to make it till 40 minutes. Keep reminding yourself that you are up to lose your pounds in 30 days so you have to stick yourself with your daily exercises. Ignorance in this regard could be devastating. Cardio is also best for those who want to lose weight after 60.


27. Meals throughout the day

In your 30 days of weight lose you can set some rules based on dos and donts. Never skip your breakfast, while having your meal don’t use your phone nor get yourself involve in any other task or activity, you have to eat mindfully. For instance, take a look:

In breakfast:

Taker Kellog’s with milk. Gulp down apple. An egg plus herbal tea.

In Lunch:

Eat fruit salad, lentils, some day you can take pieces of chicken and some vegetables.

In Dinner:

Nosh on chicken soup by preparing it at home, someday eat brown rice and some day eat lentils with chapatti.

So now you know how to lose weight in 30 days, don’t ruin your health by eating the outdoor food and by binge-eating. Keep yourself active by daily exercising and follow a healthy routine of waking up early and hit the hay early. These little things are usually ignored but these things play a vital role in optimal health. Stick with your plan so it will be easier for you to not to deviate from it. Your aim should be to have a beautiful healthy body who can perform all the tasks of life efficiently. Neither a fat body nor a thin can cherish the life, all you need to do is show a can-do approach for achieving this milestone. This may sound a bit difficult earlier but you need a strong will-power for defeating your sluggishness. Some bad habits should be given up such as sitting for hours, eating while watching tv as these are the easiest tool for gaining fats.

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