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There will be many of you who want to put a full stop but can’t help it as you get totally helpless when a sight of one particular food gets stuck in your mind. How to Stop Hunger cravings is a widely common issue of many people and though it’s a bit difficult to deal with it you can definitely manage it by your will-power plus the laundry list of tips mentioned below will assist you in this regard.

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Put a Stop to Hunger Cravings for Weight Loss

So, show a can-do approach if you really want to get rid of your hunger cravings, let’s get started


1. At the peak time of craving swallow water

If you feel like eating one specific item and you are feeling yourself unable to overcome that craving then at that peak time grab a large size of the glass, fill it with water and gulp it down.

Just after a few minutes, you will notice your craving will be vanishing away. It usually happens that you are unaware of your thirst that is why after gulping down water you feel like done up with the craving. You can also take water before eating up your meal by doing so your appetite and craving will be under control.


2. Distract your attention

Whenever a thought of a particular food seems to occupy your mind then you must play wise and distract your attention. What you call it out of sight out of mind so get yourself engaged in some other interesting activity.


3. Change your routine

What routine are you following? Is it a healthy one? Ask it from yourself and then change your routine if you think it is disgusting. Now the second question arises that what kind of routine you should set and follow, the answer to this is the one that consists of regular exercise, balanced diet, yoga and a morning walk.

I highly recommend adding Yoga in your routine as that is one of the best things for your health and shape. You can bring your body to shape using this Yoga Burn Challenge that can help your shape overall and the popular things are its booty challenge. Take a look at its review so you can know if it’s for you or not.

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All these strictures will entirely change you and you will be in great ease while confronting your hunger cravings.


4. Stay away from the stress

Stress and your emotional state have a high impact on your behaviors including your food cravings. People usually don’t take it seriously they are ignorant of the crucial effects of stress. When it comes to women things get graver, as women receive a more critical influence of being stressed out. It is strange but true that when you are upset, overthink and in doldrums then you tend to over binge and gain more calories.

Besides that, stress also effects at other things like it hikes up blood levels of cortisol that is responsible for gaining weight and the frosting on the cake is it is the belly area mostly that bulges out. So, try to get rid of stress has it has worse effects.


5. Yield Spinach supplement

People always look for Supplements to stop Hunger Cravings. Well, you can get the spinach supplements from the stores as they are easily available, it will assist in putting off the fat digestion, fat digestions amps up the intensities of those hormones that are responsible for decreasing cravings. You can also read a review about flat belly fix if you are looking for ways to bring your belly in shape and flat so you can not only look great but it is also good for your health. 

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6. Adequate hours of sleep 

In our body, there are hormones that keep swinging the whole day, when you don’t take adequate hours of sleep than those hormones and their fluctuation get affected. This has a ripple effect as it further disturbs your appetite regulation and then you end up having intense hunger cravings at midnight especially. So, hit the hay early and sleep for 7-8 hours.


7. Consume sour pickle

When you feel hankered then eat a sour pickle, the taste of sour pickle abolishes the craving, especially if you were craving for something sweet.


8. Take minerals

Deficiency of minerals also brings hunger cravings, when your body lack in mineral chromium then you feel the urge of overeating and food cravings. You need to take a multivitamin that includes chromium, just take one per day and you will overcome the deficiency of minerals and this improve your hunger craving too.


9. Combine fruit juice with peppermint

Just take some ounces of fruit juice and some peppermint in it, swallow the juice and it will disburse the intense hunger craving for junk food and sweets.


10. Play psychologically

You need to trick your mind, play wise and psychologically, remove that image of that particular food that is occupying in your mind and fit in another flashy image of any other desired thing of yours, whether think of your favorite singer, show or how your next outfit should be etc.

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 11. Pen down a time-table of your diet

This is really important to pen down your plan of eating, in that plan or timetable you need to add that food too for which you often crave, no need to take it so frequently, by doing so you will be knowing that this thing is just ahead so the intensity of madness for that thing will naturally come down.

So, either make a daily plan or weekly it will be easier to get stick with your own rules.


12. Get small munches in low quantity

Take your desired food for which you crave but don’t take in huge quantity, limit yourself to take small munches in low quantity. This will shorten your habit of overeating and you will be able to get rid of your hunger craving too.


13. Pick up any health-giving snack

Habituate yourself in picking up something really health-giving and full of nutrients such as eat almonds, carrots, and apples. These things make you feel full and you don’t like eating anything more.  So have almonds especially in your nearest access, whenever you feel hungry just take a handful of almonds and gulp down.


14. Don’t linger behind hunger

It often happens that you give so much gap in eating and these long period of hunger makes you so hollow that you end up eating a lot. Don’t linger behind hunger and take your meal at the right time. This will be very helpful in overcoming the hunger cravings.


15. Get rid of artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are such futile things to take, things like diet coke increase your appetite level and make you feel so worn-out that you just keep on feeling hungry. So, you must avoid taking such artificial sweeteners and take foods that stop hunger.


16. Keep yourself pleased

Its hard but its really vital, for pleasing yourself watch funny shows, laughing gags, comic books or anything that can make you laugh or happy. Problems are the part of life, you are not living in a utopia where you can expect to have everything flawless and perfect so accept it open-heartedly and prepare yourself for facing the issues.


17. Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration isn’t a healthy thing, you have to keep yourself hydrated, dehydration makes you feel hollow and you mistake it as hunger. Excessively drink water throughout the day so you can fight hunger cravings.


18. Drink Ginger Tea

By drinking ginger tea you will be able to get rid of sugar cravings, all you need to do is to either make green tea or take some hot water and put some ginger along with the lemon slices in it and nosh on.


19.Tap forehead with your finger

Yes, seriously it works, just place your finger on your forehead and tap for maximum 30 seconds, by doing so you will bring down the force of craving. This has been suggested by the researchers of Weight Loss Program, New York.


20. Chew the sugar-free gum

After taking your lunch if you will chew the sugar-free gum you will be able to reduce the intensity of hunger.


21. Smell jasmine scent

This is really an easy peasy tip to try, all you need to do is to grab one small jasmine scent near you, either in your bag or where you can sniff it easily. It significantly decreases your hunger cravings, tried and tested.


22. Combine your wanted food with a nutrient one

According to research if you will combine a little amount of your desired food for which you feel hunger craving with the one that is full of nutrition will likely to reduce your craving and secondly by combining it with a better food you will be giving your body a nice healthy combo that will be much free with any weight gaining factors.


23. Relax yourself

You can relax by giving yourself a break, take yourself out from the same dull and drab ambiance and let yourself enjoy by having something innovative. Go somewhere where you never went before with your bestie and cultivate your time well. This change in routine will suppress your urge of hunger cravings.

So these were some really incredible solutions and tips on how you can stop hunger cravings. It is not such a big issue as such, you have to make up your mind and convince yourself to follow the dos and donts because it is matter of common sense that binge eating leads to hunger cravings, hunger cravings means gaining weight, becoming fat and plum and obviously this isn’t a very desirable situation. Take balanced diet and try these tips so you can stay healthy and smart.

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