Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 – Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

ad hori - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

” I could now stand in front of the mirror for hours, couldn’t help looking at myself, I was finally in shape …”. 

You could be saying this too one day, but all it requires you is to take action. Losing weight sometimes turns out to be one hard venture that seems to be impossible to accomplish.

People who are tired of their fats and over-weight get so flabbergasted that they try every advice they come across without having a piece of adequate knowledge about those tips, exercises, and dieting programs.

“It is good to be concerned about your physical fitness, but it will be a great folly to follow whatever you come across blindly.”

In this Fat burning guide, we have discussed in detail about all the tips, weight loss programs that will facilitate you in achieving your desired goal of getting slim and fit. Take an in-depth look at this comprehensive Weight Loss Guide that will help you in a very detailed way.

1. Weight loss tips to lose weight fast

Want to lose some weight fast? Follow these 10 Golden Rules by the Fitness Republic. The most important one is “Only Eat When You are hungry”. So that sums it all, stop over-eating, stop eating for no reason and you would never have to starve yourself just to lose some extra pounds off your body.

lose weight in 30 days - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

When it comes to tips to lose weight fast then the key is to be moderate, crash diets won’t take you anywhere, there are many things to be adopted and multiple things to work on altogether then a voyage of weight loss will be attainable for you.

You can’t begin with an extreme diet program or with tough exercise. Secondly, you don’t always have to start from scratch. The problem is when you start aging than your body prone to gain weight more quickly. So it is necessary to figure out what to do according to your age.

First, take a look at these dos and don’ts that affect your body positively and negatively, these measures determine in which direction you are going and these things are mostly ignored by many of us.

What to doWhat no to Do
Excessively consume waterDon’t opt for dieting starvation
Take your breakfast dailyQuit taking sugary drinks/artificial sweeteners
Consume Protein-packed-mealsNo junk-food
Eat in salad-sized plateNo binge-eating.
Opt for brisk-walking dailyAvoid being couch-potato
Pen down a weekly plan of diet and exercisesDon’t show a casual behavior, don’t be shaky
Wake up earlyDon’t be a night-owl
Consume coffee before workoutDon’t eat while watching t.v
Take your favorite food once in a weekDon’t shop for unhealthy items

When you go beyond the age of forty then your body tends to go through some changes that result in gaining weight and body fats. So you should start taking a few things into your account only then you will be able to control your weight after 40.

Important Tip 1: One common misconception people have is that they think skipping breakfast will make them slim and in shape.

breakfast is really important - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Many of you skip your breakfast because of the poor daily routine you follow if you are disciplined in going to bed late then how come you can wake up early? Skipping the meal in morning ruins your health, it effects badly to your metabolism, and it further comes with ripple effects, such as it diminishes the level of sugar in the blood and this turns your body so done-up and weary.

Important Tip 2: People want to lose weight, look great, but they don’t want to eat Fruits and Vegetables, Sadly!

And here I don’t mean that you should start taking certain veggies and fruits in great quantity even the healthy food has to be made in a calculated way. As here it goes a famous saying:

“Excess of Everything is Bad” ~ IDK! heard it somewhere 😛

Fruits and vegetables have to be part of your diet because these gifts of nature are fully packed with water and come with fiber and these two elements are so beneficial for staying healthy and fit.

instance consume one egg in a day, not more than that secondly, the size of your plate has to be of six to seven inches so a reasonable amount of protein-filled meal will be eaten by you.

Important Tip 3: Consume Healthy Fats, Now what are healthy fats? Burger, Pizza, Coke! no, they are not!

weight loss mistakes - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Some fats are good to take they help you in building vigorous health. Healthy fats are those essentials that provide energy to your body. The intake of magnesium is necessary for you for staying robust; weight loss doesn’t mean to turn your body into a bag of bones.

So consume dates as they are the great source of taking magnesium. Now comes calcium, why you need to take calcium? The answer is simple yet convincing because you need to strengthen your bones secondly the intake of calcium will help you in the shedding of some pounds.

Important Tip 4: Take green tea, In every diet plan, green tea is strongly recommended

It doesn’t just a treat for your taste buds but also comes with high nutrition value. By sipping green tea on regular bases, you will be able to burn your extra fats secondly green tea also helps in increasing the metabolic rate. It is suggested to sip green twice a day every day.

Also ReadGreen Tea VS Red Tea

Important tip 5: Step up the intensity of your exercises (and in case you don’t exercise, start doing that)

By intensifying the force of your activities and workouts, you will be able to build up your body because the constant rise in effect your body and its muscles will be stronger day by day and this will disburse calories and would drop down your weight for sure.


Health is a great blessing, but we often realize this fact when we don’t remain young anymore, obviously, when you are young that you are high-spirited, you hardly pay attention to the tiny details like what you are eating, are you doing exercise, at what time you are sleeping and the list goes on. But it gets challenging to lose weight after 50 or let’s say when you don’t remain that young then it becomes vital for you to take each and everything into your deep consideration.

Important tip 6: Some people have a misconception that by missing their meals they might get slim and lose weight, but it brings the opposite results.

Especially if you are entering your 50’s, never miss your meal,  because your body tends to be under hormonal changes and things get worst when you miss your meals, by doing so you don’t allow your body to process sugar. This shoots up your caloric rate, and you eventually start gaining weight. So take your meals on time regularly for keeping weight under control.

Important Tip 7: Now this is what you can do with consistency and proper motivation 😛 — Take 7-8 hours of sleep daily

sleep to lose weight - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

This is one of the most neglected factors that is overlooked by a majority of people. People might ignore this factor thinking what nap is has to do with over-weight, being a night owl you are affecting leptin and ghrelin, these are two hormones that have to release during sleep, and these hormones also regulate your appetite. So if your slumber is less than 7 hours, then your desire is undoubtedly going to be devastating.

Important Tip 8: Learn to control stress – this is again somehow related to your Sleep

sleep more weight less - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Take a look at this infographic by TheBestLife. What does it exactly show? Peace, Stress-free life, this is what you need to be.

If you are waiting to turn your life entirely into a bowl of cherries then you must come out this misconception and face the realities of life, stress is not the solution instead it will breed more problems. So learn to control your anxiety by thinking positively as every issue has a solution, there is always a way out find it patiently for enjoying good health.

Important tip 9: 48 ounces of water will lead you to a healthy life

You have to keep yourself hydrated, and it is suggested to take almost 48 ounces of water in a day. It will keep your body so purified and healthy.

Important Tip 10: Morning walk on the eve

Here I will share a screenshot by Betterhealth regarding the benefits of Walking for good health.

benefits of walk - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Consume 30 minutes in the morning walk, and 20 minutes in the evening walk, by doing so you would feel a great difference in your health. This is for those who want to lose weight after 60 or above, otherwise, I prefer jogging could be more result-oriented.

The more you will act upon the advice as mentioned above the better chances you would avail to live a comfortable life. As a comfortable life doesn’t mean to have a passive way of living, a comfortable life means you should be healthy enough to perform your tasks in the desired direction. A healthy body can allow you to have a happier life. To lose weight, burn calories and stay strong.

Now moving from these weight loss mistakes which people make in their fitness journey, Let’s take a look at some other helpful sources in weight loss, such as … Apps to track your health.



2. Best weight loss apps for Android and iPhone

weight loss apps - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

There are some fantastic weight loss apps that promise to provide you with excellent assistance in losing weight and getting in good form. These apps are available quickly for iPhone and Android, some of them are free to get, and few of them are paid. Apps that are funded aren’t that pricey.

You would love to spend little money that will smoothen your way of getting slim. Getting a smart figure is just a symbol of glamour or fashion, it is an utmost need of yours;

“Obesity is believed to be a root cause of many diseases. It invites dangerous diseases including heartache. Only a healthy physique can enjoy life.”

A fit body can strive against the battles of life, smart and robust people can think better, work faster for the desired future. In this connection, Best Weight Loss Apps will assist you in multiple ways for transforming your strong body into a smarter yet stronger one.

They come with such result-oriented challenges that boost up your mood, and you felt motivated and enthused about losing all the extra weight and body fats.

  1. Lose It app
  2. My fitness pal app
  3. Weight Watchers app
  4. Fitness buddy app
  5. Runkeeper app

Moving forward, many people ask this question, it’s quite common now actually if we look  at the google trends



3. Can you Actually Lose Weight in 30 Days?

Weight can be reduced in 30 days, but mind you it’s not an abracadabra thing that you will pouf and the very next moment you will be in your desired weight.

You have to avoid unhealthy food, bad routine and lot more to give up and adapt. These things all together function and then you get to lose extra weight of yours. So take a quick look at this chart that will assist you in what you should opt for and what you need to keep at bay.

Food itemsExercise/workoutsOther suggestions
8 ounces of water dailyPerform bird-dog plank variation dailyScale your weigh on weekly bases
Prefer water on juicesBrisk walking daily for 30 minutes.Avoid fried items
Don’t take sugary drinksexercise 6 days a weekKeep junk food at bay
One egg daily in breakfastOpt for skipping a ropeNo MacDonald’s no KFC food
take one-slice sandwichDo push-upsQuit being a couch-potato
Eat chilies and peppersPerform squatsBetter to take coffee before doing exercise
Green tea thrice a dayBurpeesDon’t opt for crash diet ever

Grip these does and don’t strongly and then enjoy the results, as it is a sure bet that these things work, you just need to step up and muster up your courage.

Moreover, this video can help you in this regard:

Then the very next step is to, give your cravings a BREAK!!! Want to know how? Continue Reading..



4. How to stop hunger cravings naturally?

Hunger Cravings doesn’t actually mean that you are not supposed to eat anything, it means that you should stay away from fatty foods like Pizza. According to brandongaile on Pizza Statistics in America:

pizza cravings - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Hunger craving is one of the root causes of obesity and over-weight, people find it damn hard to stay away from eating when they crave. It is hard to stop hunger cravings yet every problem can be dealt out.

If the slightest thought of your favorite gets stuck in your mind and you feel helpless about it then let me tell you this can be avoided for sure. A strong will-power is needed first to defeat hunger cravings. Don’t worry,  we have amassed multiple ways to control hunger cravings.

Moreover, to deal with your cravings, we are also going to introduce you to some weight loss or magic drinks what can help you with this fat burning journey.



5. Magic drinks to lose belly fat

According to research, people in America spend so much yearly just to lose weight:

weight loss survey - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs
source: USNews

But what if I tell you, you can achieve your goal without even spending a single penny?

Magic drinks for weight loss are those drinks that you can prepare at home easily, and that is helpful in eliminating body fats, burning calories and especially these drinks are a remedy of fat tummy. These magic drinks do not come with a magic spell, and you have to get real for making these drinks work magically. This you can make possible by noshing these magic drinks in a prescribed way as it has been mentioned below.

Magic drinksHow to nosh on these drinks?
WaterWater comes first in magic drinks, 48 ounces of water daily, besides that sip water after every now and then it surprisingly reduces appetite level.
Green teaSipping green tea twice a day brilliantly brings down your weight and disburses body fats.
Banana drink with coconut oilAlmond milk 500 ml, 2 bananas large size (frozen), coconut oil 2 tea-spn, crushed flaxseed 2 table-spn, 2 table-spn yogurt, nutmeg and honey 2 table-spn.
Put all these ingredients in blender, blend them nicely, shift the substance in a glass and nosh on.
Dandelion teaTake dandelion flowers, shift its petals (after cleaning them) in a cup, pour boiling water in the same cup. Drink it after 3-5 minutes.
Chia seedsThese protein-packed seeds are very beneficial, you just need to sprinkle it in Healthy Mummy Smoothie and consume it.

Some effective weight-loss drinks are made at home quickly, and these drinks are beneficial for reducing weight. The nutrition value of these drinks is high, and they provide significant energy to your body. There are certain beverages that kick-start a sluggish metabolism and drop down the caloric rate. Here we have added a few useful weight loss drinks that you can try as they can be prepared at home with great ease.

Let’s get to know what are these drinks have to do with weight loss:

  1. Coffee

These drinks are used worldwide; people don’t just find it refreshing but also energizing. It lifts the dull mood, and the caffeine in it boosts up metabolism. This substance stimulates the body and helps in the reduction of weight.

  1. Black Tea

Black tea contains polyphenols and flavonoids; Polyphenols have strong antioxidants that are beneficial in losing body weight.

  1. Ginger tea

Ginger tea is a sapid herbal remedy for curing several adverse conditions like cold, queasiness and arthritis. Besides this ginger tea is surprisingly useful for getting rid of extra weight.



6. Weight loss and Diet Programs

weight loss programs - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Weight loss programs are those beneficial programs that aim to provide final guidance for losing weight. These programs have been tried and tested by many, and those who worked them are cherishing a healthy life. These programs comprise handy workouts, tasty recipes and a bundle of suggestions that will guide you in the best possible way.

The good thing about these programs is that they are the creativity of great health experts and instructors, they have shared their wisdom through videos, and recipes, etc. for all those eager-beavers who want to get slim.

Some of the weight-loss programs are:

  • Yoga Burn
  • Flat belly fix
  • Fat burning
  • Red tea detox
  • Fat Burning Decimator


Yoga burn Challenge

yoga burn review - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Talking about Yoga burn Review then it is one nifty program that has been designed especially for women. ‘Yoga Burn’ doesn’t involve you in any rigmaroles and with a simple and handy digital program, it guides you how you can lose weight.

This full-fledged program consists on twelve weeks. It has nine videos that will explain various workouts. Each video of Yoga Burn is of 45 minutes, you will be pleased to know that there is no hard exercise in this program, first, your stamina will be built up and then you will be periodically switched over to compound exercises.

All the videos of Yoga Burn can be understood with great ease. In three major sections, these videos are divided Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, Mastery Flow, till the last phase your body will be entirely shaped up. Yoga burn indeed is a safe, handy and result-oriented weight loss program.

Does yoga burn work? does yoga burn work - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

It has always been confusion that does yoga burn work or not as should they go for it. It works for sure because it’s Dynamic Sequencing of yoga burn improves your strength and works on the flexibility of your body. Its full videos contain workouts that go from Easy-to-Complex. The handy drills enable you to stay with the program till the end with the same spark. A 12 weeks program that consisted of nine videos has been designed in a way that it surely disburses all the extra fats of your body and bring down the caloric rate too. You get all the necessary guidance in the form of well-explained and easy-to-understand videos.

From where to buy Yoga burn?

Many people might claim that they are selling so you can buy yoga burn from them, but we highly recommend buying it from the official yoga burn website by clicking the given link below. You will be able to get 2 DVDs in $57. It has two months ‘Full’ money-back guarantee.

Buy Yoga Burn Challenge


Fat burning fingerprint Program

Fat burning fingerprint review is a diet program and a combo of exercises and food items that are fruitful for your health. The fat burning fingerprint is a name of that diet that goes for three weeks; it means it is a 21 days body transformation process. It hunts down the layers of fat on your body that is present on the different parts of your body, such as thighs, tummy, and arms. The fat burning fingerprint is a combo of recipes and programs.

fat burning fingerprint review - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Does it work? What benefits does it offer?

does fat burning fingerprint work - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Fat burning fingerprint works, it controls your metabolism and boosts it up. It quickens up the fat-burning process. It fights with the sagging layers of body fats with a fantastic 2 step program it comes with. The abdominal muscles are activated by its 3-minute workouts. It offers enormous benefits for the people who are in their 40s. The short-time span of exercises is result-oriented and breathing techniques periodically hit the fats.

From where to buy Fat Burning FingerPrint?

You can buy fat burning fingerprint from the official website clicking the button below. It has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Buy Fat Burning fingerprint


Flat belly fix Program

flat belly fix review - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Going for flat belly fix review which is a diet program is a glimpse of ancient time because it is made up of herbs and spices. It is a tea that promises to kill your body fats, brings down extra weight and shapes up your shapeless body. Sapid taste of this tea will give the most excellent results without keeping you on an annoying holdup. It also recommends some workouts that you have to perform besides taking the drink.

does flat belly fix work - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Does flat belly fix work? Great perks it offers

They have been the slightest confusion that does flat belly fix work or not. Yes, it works brilliantly because of the full-fledged diet+ exercise programs it offers. It reduces weight without any adverse effects. It will turn the slow metabolism of yours into a fat-burner. It improves thyroid and fastens up fat-burning process.

From where to buy this product?

You can get it by visiting its official website clicking the link below. The nominal price of Flat-belly Fix is $37 USD. It has 60-day money back guarantee.

Buy Flat Belly Fix

Red Tea Detox Program

Red tea detox as the name denotes it detoxifies your digestion system, cleans up the blocked pipes of your body. This tea is believed to be a full food store as it organizes the appetite level of yours and keeps it in control. After consuming it your stomach feels full, and this forbids you to not to go for overeating. This nutritious tea contains all the necessary elements that aim to burn calories and hike up your metabolic rate too.

red tea detox review - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Does it work? Benefits of red tea detox

does red tea work - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Red Tea detox works and walks the talk most convincingly; It doesn’t contain any side effects instead it is beneficial for your health. Begin to grub Red Tea Detox and flush out all the dirty stuff out of your body. Here are some Red tea detox benefits mentioned below:

  1. Energizing and refreshing
  2. It keeps you vibrant and electrifying
  3. It consists of handy instructions that are easy to accomplish.
  4. It won’t involve you in tough exercises, with smooth moves it aims to bring down your weight.
  5. It has a great aroma and will be a real treat for taste buds.
  6. All of its suggested ingredients and herbs are effective and fruitful.
  7. It is not merely a cup of tea; instead, this tea tremendously aims to disburse the stubborn fats of your body, reduces your weight without any annoying long hold-up.
  8. It works with three components Diet, Workouts and Mindset.

From where to buy Red tea Detox?

It is available in the form of an e-book, you have to download it. In case you feel dissatisfied with this product then not to worry as you have a 60-day money back guarantee. You will be able to buy red tea detox it in $37 but we are giving up a coupon clicking the link below that can make you buy it in just $17.

Red Tea Detox Coupon


7. Does yoga burn calories and fats?

does yoga burn fats and calories - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

Yoga helps in losing weight; its moves are so compelling that besides making your body flexible it generates excellent energy in your body. Some of the yoga moves aim to burn calories and extra fats of your body. One needs to get into a situation in which his body gets a calorie deficit, and for this, he has to opt for certain Yoga moves. That yoga burn hits a higher number of calories, such as the Power Yoga in this connection is result-oriented. Bikram yoga and Vinyasa yoga are also great workouts and brilliant moves that bring the best-desired results.



8. Proven ways to increase metabolism for weight loss

Now, one should always take care and be concerned about his health, you should definitely follow these health care tips by Healthline.

Talking about metabolism, It is all about the chemical reactions that occur in your body. Because of these chemical reactions, your body survives, and you remain alive. Fast metabolism means a healthy body and a happy life, whereas slow and sluggish metabolism means a frail body and a tough unhealthy life.

Your metabolism has to function correctly and rapidly. Many ways help you in firing your metabolic rate. You need to know these proven ways to enhance metabolism because only then you will be able to lose weight.

Here we have collected some amazing proven ways of increasing metabolism for weight-loss.

Suggested food items & workouts Efficacy and benefits
Protein based meals.Protein-packed meals will help you in the reduction of muscle mass. It burns maximum calories.
HIIT (High Intensity Internal Training)This workout is based on extreme spurts of activity. It results in quick fat-burning, decreases the fat mass and flattens the bulging out belly.
Carry heavy-weightCarrying heavy weigh builds up your muscles and by building muscles help in treating the slow metabolism.
Nosh on spicy foodsEating pepper and chilly contain such elements in it that it helps in boosting up the slow metabolism.
Drink coffee before exerciseCoffee contains caffeine in it that is good for metabolism, it fastens the process of fat burning.

Why is so much emphasis given on the increase of metabolism after 40? Mainly when the figure of age is also defined with it, well when you are young then your interval system works smooth and functions great, but as the time passes away and you cross your middle age, then you go through several internal changes that directly affect your body and health.

Being at the threshold of 40 age if you will start taking specific measures then you will be able to stay fit, it doesn’t mean you will turn into teenage boy/girl, but with those measures, you will not feel weary, tired and sluggish instead you would feel active, vibrant and enthused. Benefits of Yoga

yoga benefits - Weight Loss Complete Guide 2020 - Drinks, Apps and Fat Burning Programs

So let’s get to know to make it work faster

  • Detoxify digestion system by eating fiber and enzymes
  • Rooibos tea with mint
  • 48 ounces of water Daily
  • Nosh on hot water with lemon
  • Keep moving either by doing exercise or by brisk walking
  • Steep a tea bag of green tea in hot water
  • Yoga in the morning increases metabolism
  • Tahini dip is the most excellent source of zinc to hike up metabolic rate
  • Grub a sugarless gum
  • it quickly burns down the calories and hikes up your metabolism

So that was all about a massive Weight Loss Guide, after going through all these details you would realize everywhere it has been suggested so strongly that how important it is to consume water, how significant it is to stay away from junk food. Workouts and walking are always great secrets of healthy living. For the sustenance of life, one must enable himself to strengthen his body with the help on controlled weight and a smarter body. An active figure is a high hurdle that doesn’t allow you to enjoy life in the desired way. So learn to live a hale-and-hearty life by staying fit and firm.

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